No being can experience the touch of the Holy Spirit and remain the same. He will not leave your soul unaffected at His Divine intervention in your life. He can never enter into a heart, and leave it asleep, quiet, inactive. He will always move you to live, to fight, to get ahead with confidence,... Continue Reading →


Close your eyes for a moment and dedicate a moment of your time to the Holy Spirit alone. Your time is very precious to the extent that the Holy Spirit comes to you. Wasting your time is like trying to catch the air or using a basket to carry water. Time wasted, can never be... Continue Reading →


The need for retreat in human life is akin to the need for breath in the human body. When there is no breath in the human body, it is considered there is no life. Once in a while, it is wonderful to carry out a retreat on the way we live our lives to see... Continue Reading →

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