Following the word “leadership” and what some people take leadership to be, it is not only to be at head and control others with force and authority. The misconception of this term “leadership” will take us to what Leadership really is and what leaders both presently and those to come ought to do. Leadership has... Continue Reading →

An online presentation by Ikegwu Augustine on the 7th of July 2017, under Imo Network Group (ING), Ngor Okpala Chapter, titled “The history of Ngor Okpala; The life and Orientation of the people.”

1.0 PROLOGUE Local Government never springs out of nothing -“Ex Nihilo” without being carved from the particular geographical area known as "State”. Equally, an individual or group of people can only exist in the society, by belonging to a Local Government Area. Against this backdrop, we are here to talk about our magnificent area of... Continue Reading →

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