Following the word “leadership” and what some people take leadership to be, it is not only to be at head and control others with force and authority. The misconception of this term “leadership” will take us to what Leadership really is and what leaders both presently and those to come ought to do.
Leadership has many definitions. The fact that there are so many and assorted definitions of leadership, speaks to the very human aspect of leadership. From a positive perspective, leadership is the capacity of someone to lead. Equally, leadership is the art of serving others by equipping them with training, tools and people as well as your time, energy and emotional intelligence so that they can realize their full potentials, both personally and professionally. Looking at this, you will see that for you to be a leader, you will see that for you to be a leader, you must have made up your mind to stand at the front, to be either the target or the hero, to take responsibility for the success or failure of a given goal. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risk to achieve something great. From the above definitions and what it means, you will now see that leadership is a call to serve. It is a call for humility because if you are not humble, you can never stoop too low to do the work of a servant leaving you status, standards or morals.
From the Biblical aspect of Leadership, we will look at a good leader in the person of Jesus Christ, who lowered Himself taking the form a servant, being born in the likeness of men. Looking at the team Leadership, Jesus said (Mathew 23:11) “he that is the greatest among you shall be your servant.” Equally, after the supper with His disciples, Jesus laid aside His garment and having taken a towel, girded Himself and bend down to wash the feet of his disciples, to show the true work of a good leader. Having washed their feet, Jesus said to them “you call me master, and Lord, and you say well, for I am. If then I being your lord and master have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.” ( John 13:13-14) from this passage of the bible you will see how Jesus being a good leader laid down exemplary life which we the leaders of today ought to emulate . Here equally He showed us that a good leader ought to be humble in order to lead his subjects. Looking at all these good qualities in him, Jesus said “ I am the good shepherd” ( Ego sum bonus pastor). In the church today, the Pope is been referred as “servant of the servants of God” (Servis Servorum Dei) even the bishops and priests are seen as those at the top but they still recognizes that are all servants of the people.
In our world today and even in some countries, what are we seeing? Arrogance and tyrant leadership. You will see a minister taking himself as the Lord of lords without knowing the actual meaning or etymology of the word “minister” (servant). Some leaders do think leadership is “go and do that work” and he himself will be the first to lead them, guide them and then be the first to do the work because he is called to be an example to others. Equally, when you look carefully into the family, you will observe that parents are servant leaders. Because as servants, they bath their little children, cook and also go out in search of greener pasture that will help to take care of those children. Also as leaders, they are at the head of the family to teach, guide, protect and direct their children, and these are characteristics of a good leader.
There are different qualities that are supposed to be found in a leader and that, we are to look at because they are very necessary in the life of a good leader, and they are:
CREATING ROOM FOR OPINIONS: A leader values everyone contributions and regularly seeks out opinions. When there is a difficult situation at hand and need to be solved, a good leader listens to the opinions of his subjects and then pick the relevant suggestions amongst all he had gathered from the people. Another quality of a good leader is to DEVELOP OTHER LEADERS. A good leader need to develop other leaders, for the replication factor is so important. It means teaching others to lead, providing opportunities for growth and demonstrating by example. That means the leader is not always leading, but instead giving up power and deputizing others to lead. Next is ENCOURAGEMENT. This is a hallmark of a leader. He encourages his subjects by joining them to do certain things. A good leader in other to encourage his subjects, says “let’s go to work” instead of “go to work. Another quality of a good leader is that he SELLS INSTEAD OF TELLS. A servant leader is the opposite of a dictator. It is a style all about persuading not commanding. Another good quality is that he thinks “YOU” NOT “ME.” There is a selfless quality about a servant leader. As said before that he is called to serve and not to be served. Looking at the nature of his work as a social contract between those who elected him , and send him on an errand and he himself whom they elected, he think only about those who elected him, how they will feel and what may happen if he succeeds or vice versa. Lastly, a leader ACTS WITH HUMILITY. A good leader doesn’t wear a title as a way to show who is in charge. He doesn’t think he is better than everyone else, and acts in a way to care for others. A good leader may in fact, pick up trash or clean up a table, setting an example of service. The servant leader understands that it is not about the leader, but about the led.
Having seen all discussed above about leadership as a call for serve, it is expected that our present leaders and equally other ones to come in the future, should avoid looking down on the people that they are leading in order not to tell them that they made a very big mistake in choosing them. Equally, they should follow the footsteps of a good leader per excellence, in the person of Jesus Christ to be humble and selfless in all their services. Furthermore, I urge you to leave a good example other people that will be merging as leaders after you will follow in other to make our nation at large, a better place to live in peace and harmony just as Christ taught us.

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