I opened my eyes, and I saw a beautiful decorated environment and I said to myself what am I doing in this large society filled with different existences and as I was contemplating this, there came a gentle breeze that blew from all corners of the world, and it touched me and made me feel relaxed. It was then that I started to know there is something behind my existence here on earth. Whenever I am touched by this gentle wind, it brings me certain knowledge about my coming to be and I have come to fall in love with this wind that preoccupies my whole being a

nd plead for its frequent coming.

Among the knowledge it brought me was the certainty that, I was created by the Infinite to know Him, love Him worship Him and be with Him forever in his abode in Heaven. Understanding this Divine teaching from Him, I was filled with joy at the knowing of the essence of my existence here on earth.

He is the Spirit of Divine Revelation which no man can reveal except one who knows the things beyond the normal reach of man, but which were granted to him when he sought the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Leave the Holy Spirit, and add no meaning to your existence. Walking without him is like walking in a desert alone which adds no meaning to the journey of man. This kind of journey has no destination and yet may take years. But one who is guided by the Holy Spirit, reaches to his intended and eternally rewarding destination.

Let us add meaning to our existence by following the Spirit Who reveals, no longer continuing to wander in the thick dark forest vainly searching for the meaning of our existence.


The need for retreat in human life is akin to the need for breath in the human body. When there is no breath in the human body, it is considered there is no life. Once in a while, it is wonderful to carry out a retreat on the way we live our lives to see if we are acting according to the Will of the Holy Spirit. It is time for sitting back to review experiences and doings to see of it tallies with what the Spirit would have us do . For any act that falls off the track of the Spirit is unworthy of emulation. At this moment, the Spirit requires you to tell yourself the truth by examining your conscience and, through absolute silence to indicate such acts as are bad and not welcome in the life of a Christian. Every “Christian” without the Spirit is a fraud and an enemy of Christ for he works not according to the ordinances of the Spirit or of Christ Himself.

Knowing your shortcomings and working on them, is a way of preparing a suitable room for the Spirit in your heart and will also make you inviting to the Spirit. Once He comes in, He shall give you the unending joys that are His gifts.

Therefore, to reflect on the Holy Spirit and how to reunite with him in a retreat, we must imagine a moment, experience of generous, sincere, happy human love and joy.

That is why we can pause to admire the luminous reflections of the Holy Spirit in a loving couple, in a hug of reunion, in a gesture of humble and generous service, and in a smile that seeks to make others happy.


When the Holy Spirit is at work, He touches people from different races, ages, and both sexes, and he segregates no one in the giving of His Spirit. He acts everywhere, and leaves traces of light in the lives of people. He is no respecter of persons. He does not care if they are black or white, intelligent or not, famous or ignored, strong or weak. He only cares that they are human beings, and in all, He does his work.

Have no mindset that the Spirit is in certain personalities due to their work in the society or in the Church or their activeness in the Church. There are people who sit in the front pews who may lack the Spirit. The Spirit was given for all by Jesus and can only work with you when you open yourself to His entry.

In all, he manages to leave something good, and he does it in thousands of different ways. He acts as He wills when He wills and where He wills and produces acts of kindness, generosity, and surrender in all hearts.
He can choose to do something marvelous through a renowned sinner in our societies and these works of His can only be accepted and discerned by those people who have Him in them. Do not restrict your mindset but try to call upon the Spirit of Divine knowledge and wisdom to enlighten you in certain cases, so as not to have in you the spirit of segregation which is contrary to that which the Spirit gives. Any knowledge or attitude contrary to that is given by the Spirit leads to damnation and blinds us to the truth that lies before us.


The Holy Spirit gives our struggles a deep meaning when He is working in us for one with him is a majority. One cannot claim to know the Father and the Son without the knowledge of the Holy Spirit Who explains to us the mystery that lies between the Father and the Son. To know the Spirit is to know the Father and the Son for there must be a Spirit to teach us about them. When one is without Him, selfishness, hatred, pride, vices, sadness begin to reign in us for these are qualities alien to Him. In his presence, they come to an end, and gentility and love becomes the watchwords of the carrier. Give room for the coming of the Holy Spirit for He always wants to take us to Jesus, always opens our ears to hear His Word, and always drives us to evangelize, to lead others to Jesus.

He who desired to be with the Spirit must give his all in the quest to receive the Spirit of abundance. He needs to give his heart and his soul to Him and also to invoke the Holy Spirit permanently to fill the world with the presence of Christ. So that homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, associations, and all environments are flooded with Hope, dynamism, the wonderful life that Jesus proposed to us, for He does not want to change the face of the earth without us. He wants to change things through us. And if they do not change it is because many are not docile instruments. Are we truly docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit?

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