Once one enters into a relationship with the Holy Spirit, he enters a perfect and health-giving relationship. In Him is found the relationship that never fails and never fades. He is the Friend that understands in all situations, for whom He possesses as his friend, He loves with an appreciation, and effective firmness that only Divine Love can achieve.

Never limit yourself to an earthly relationship that fails while there is the Master of all relationships always ready to give what the world cannot offer. He always welcomes one who accepts and recognizes him as Lord.

Do not imagine the Love the Holy Spirit – for He knows precisely what is suitable for you and your soul, and will never allow you to be disappointed – all in the name of Love.

In the world today, many complain of heartbreaks from their partners because they deviated from Love Himself and One Who can suffuse a being with the reality of dependable Love.
There is no amount of love that can be obtained anywhere that compares to the love of the Holy Spirit, for He supports, directs, advocates and leads the one He loves. Therefore, follow the route that leads to Him, and seek the Divine Love that comes from the Holy Spirit and you will, at last, be happy and be free.

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