In the Holy Spirit is found the power to move mountains, and in Him also is strength for the weak. Jesus, after his prayers in the wilderness for forty days, and forty nights was said to be exhausted but because the Spirit never departed from Him, He was strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit Who gave Him the strength to defeat the devil and to carry on His ministerial life.He who has the power of the Holy Spirit does not fear the happenings in our society today for he knows there is a Power in him, and He Who is in him is greater than he who is in the world.Walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit helps one in his ministerial life despite tribulations as in the days of the Apostles. When they were persecuted for the sake of the kingdom because they already had this Power of boldness and courage in them, they continued to wax strong among temptations.This power when in you, makes you appear powerful and stronger when opposed. For the evangelizing work, and for any other worthy task, the Spirit bestows admirably a multitude of gifts that enrich us with the charisms to render good service to the brothers: (1 Corinthians 12).There are many charisms in each one of us, and we all have the right and duty to exercise our charisms, whatever they may be. The discernment of the Shepherds makes it possible to discover if the charism is authentic and if it is being exercised soundly (Galatians 2: 2).Ask the Spirit of God to empower and overshadow you so that you can carry out certain work without human fear, for when He is in you, you shall stand firm and strong in faith.


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  1. The mystery of the Blessed Trinity is far beyond our complete understanding of course, but we are left a sure guide in Sacred Scripture to follow with caution.

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