In the nature of the Triune God, we find the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of redemption and freedom and

the Spirit that brought about the Incarnation. In the nature of the Most Holy Trinity, is found God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He is the third person and overshadows us in a gentle, and calm manner.

He is God and that is why even the psalmist recognized his Godly Nature in (Psalm 36: 8-9) when he said: “Lord, how precious is Your love that is why humans take shelter in the shadow of Your wings, they are filled with Your beauty and quench thirst in the torrent of Your delights.” Acknowledging Him as God will make you to always thirst for righteousness like a dry weary land without water and always, your lips shall declare of His good deeds for He shall shower you with His loving, and Divine Power because He is God.

Open oh ancient gate that he may come in for he shall give you life at his entering into your heart. He shall renew and strengthen all that is not strong in you and make you able to serve as His instrument in the world.

Being with the Holy Spirit leads you to act in the ways of the Lord for He shall guide you through his good counsel, and make you a light to those in darkness.

Today, now that He is God and His Love is Eternal and indeed, you shall be free. So, call upon Him your God in times of hardship and difficulties, and freedom shall be yours.

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