The Holy Spirit is the spirit of mission because, in Him, lies the unction for function. Baptizing Jesus and the Holy Spirit descending on Him does not mean that He does not have the Holy Spirit rather He came to make the Spirit in Him to start manifesting himself, for the Public Life of Jesus was the

time for the mission.

It is time when He was showered with the unction for His special salvific function to produce its remarkable result. You can never defend the church or the kingdom of God without having the Spirit in you for it is indeed a special work that needs the empowerment of the Spirit.

The disciples went out for the function given to them by Jesus Christ and after it, returned with the greatest joy, for the Spirit was with them, which made the mission successful. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of success given to all those who wish to achieve God’s purposes.

Every time we have to begin a new mission, or a delicate task, do we stop with faith to invoke the help of the Holy Spirit? Because every time we receive a new mission or start something new in life, we need the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit to do it right.

Without this Spirit, we will be unsuccessful for He is the master and commander of all successes. In view of this, open yourself for the Holy Spirit to achieve what you intend. Say to him ‘Here I am Lord, I come to do Your Will’ and He shall turn all impossibilities to possibility.


There are many things in your being that seem unpleasing to you and in the eyes of the others that make you look like an outcast in your own society or environment. The Holy Spirit is one Who can transform you. The first step

to be taken is to bare your heart and spirit before the Holy Spirit. He searches the heart, but you have to make is open to him as a sign of willingness to work with Him and then, accept His guidance as to the part of your life and talk to the Holy Spirit about it, in continuing prayer.

If by talking with Him you can really tell Him that you will change this or that according to His guidance then you have already begun the path of liberation. You simply need to keep asking each day and begin taking small steps to change.

Do not be discouraged if you fall again. That may happen until you convince yourself that it is better to live in a new way and be comfortable with that new life. To motivate you to take those steps, it is good that you ask honestly: “What do I want to grow in me? Where do I want to go? What lifestyle do I want to achieve?”

But it is also indispensable that you ask the Holy Spirit for light so that He can help you to recognize what you should be. No one knows better than He what each of us has to become, that unique, unrepeatable identity that no one can copy. That is why it is very healthy to stop and ask Him for the light to see who he really is and who one should become.

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