The Holy Spirit gives our struggles a deep meaning when He is working in us for one with him is a majority. One cannot claim to know the Father and the Son without the knowledge of the Holy Spirit Who explains to us the mystery that lies between the Father and the Son. To know the Spirit is to know the Father and the Son for there must be a Spirit to teach us about them. When one is without Him, selfishness, hatred, pride, vices, sadness begin to reign in us for these are qualities alien to Him. In his presence, they come to an end, and gentility and love becomes the watchwords of the carrier. Give room for the coming of the Holy Spirit for He always wants to take us to Jesus, always opens our ears to hear His Word, and always drives us to evangelize, to lead others to Jesus.

He who desired to be with the Spirit must give his all in the quest to receive the Spirit of abundance. He needs to give his heart and his soul to Him and also to invoke the Holy Spirit permanently to fill the world with the presence of Christ. So that homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, associations, and all environments are flooded with Hope, dynamism, the wonderful life that Jesus proposed to us, for He does not want to change the face of the earth without us. He wants to change things through us. And if they do not change it is because many are not docile instruments. Are we truly docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit?

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