When the Holy Spirit is at work, He touches people from different races, ages, and both sexes, and he segregates no one in the giving of His Spirit. He acts everywhere, and leaves traces of light in the lives of people. He is no respecter of persons. He does not care if they are black or white, intelligent or not, famous or ignored, strong or weak. He only cares that they are human beings, and in all, He does his work.

Have no mindset that the Spirit is in certain personalities due to their work in the society or in the Church or their activeness in the Church. There are people who sit in the front pews who may lack the Spirit. The Spirit was given for all by Jesus and can only work with you when you open yourself to His entry.

In all, he manages to leave something good, and he does it in thousands of different ways. He acts as He wills when He wills and where He wills and produces acts of kindness, generosity, and surrender in all hearts.
He can choose to do something marvelous through a renowned sinner in our societies and these works of His can only be accepted and discerned by those people who have Him in them. Do not restrict your mindset but try to call upon the Spirit of Divine knowledge and wisdom to enlighten you in certain cases, so as not to have in you the spirit of segregation which is contrary to that which the Spirit gives. Any knowledge or attitude contrary to that is given by the Spirit leads to damnation and blinds us to the truth that lies before us.

2 thoughts on “HE PREFERS NO RACE

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  1. Many truths are revealed here. In particular, we might care to consider the great works which God achieves through the Holy Spirit working upon some seemingly unlikely personalities. There are Heads of Governments whose personal lives seem questionable, but who are doing or have done the work of God in many ways. We thank God.


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