The need for retreat in human life is akin to the need for breath in the human body. When there is no breath in the human body, it is considered there is no life. Once in a while, it is wonderful to carry out a retreat on the way we live our lives to see if we are acting according to the Will of the Holy Spirit. It is time for sitting back to review experiences and doings to see of it tallies with what the Spirit would have us do . For any act that falls off the track of the Spirit is unworthy of emulation. At this moment, the Spirit requires you to tell yourself the truth by examining your conscience and, through absolute silence to indicate such acts as are bad and not welcome in the life of a Christian. Every “Christian” without the Spirit is a fraud and an enemy of Christ for he works not according to the ordinances of the Spirit or of Christ Himself.

Knowing your shortcomings and working on them, is a way of preparing a suitable room for the Spirit in your heart and will also make you inviting to the Spirit. Once He comes in, He shall give you the unending joys that are His gifts.

Therefore, to reflect on the Holy Spirit and how to reunite with him in a retreat, we must imagine a moment, experience of generous, sincere, happy human love and joy.

That is why we can pause to admire the luminous reflections of the Holy Spirit in a loving couple, in a hug of reunion, in a gesture of humble and generous service, and in a smile that seeks to make others happy.


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