I opened my eyes, and I saw a beautiful decorated environment and I said to myself what am I doing in this large society filled with different existences and as I was contemplating this, there came a gentle breeze that blew from all corners of the world, and it touched me and made me feel relaxed. It was then that I started to know there is something behind my existence here on earth. Whenever I am touched by this gentle wind, it brings me certain knowledge about my coming to be and I have come to fall in love with this wind that preoccupies my whole being a

nd plead for its frequent coming.

Among the knowledge it brought me was the certainty that, I was created by the Infinite to know Him, love Him worship Him and be with Him forever in his abode in Heaven. Understanding this Divine teaching from Him, I was filled with joy at the knowing of the essence of my existence here on earth.

He is the Spirit of Divine Revelation which no man can reveal except one who knows the things beyond the normal reach of man, but which were granted to him when he sought the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Leave the Holy Spirit, and add no meaning to your existence. Walking without him is like walking in a desert alone which adds no meaning to the journey of man. This kind of journey has no destination and yet may take years. But one who is guided by the Holy Spirit, reaches to his intended and eternally rewarding destination.

Let us add meaning to our existence by following the Spirit Who reveals, no longer continuing to wander in the thick dark forest vainly searching for the meaning of our existence.


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