Close your eyes for a moment and dedicate a moment of your time to the Holy Spirit alone.

Your time is very precious to the extent that the Holy Spirit comes to you. Wasting your time is like trying to catch the air or using a basket to carry water. Time wasted, can never be regained, time spent with the Holy Spirit can be more productive, for it leads to eternal life.

Precious use. If time can be seen in the creating of mankind where one is created in time, exists in time and dies also in time. This time can only be well spent with the Holy Spirit. A second that came from a part of your time is enough for Him to totally carry out a new project or change in your life. Why give your time to worldly things that in return, yield only regret and heartbreak? He is not looking for all of your time here on earth, rather a portion of your time to be with Him, to be directed by Him.

With closed eyes, without hurry, without anxieties, without nervousness, try to recognize the Presence of His love. Do not resist Him and do not fear the giving of time to Him, He is your lovely friend and wishes to interact with you. Give Him yourself until he can calmly take possession of your interior life. It is not a question of making efforts, but of letting Him act. He knows how to do it; You just have to stop putting obstacles in His way.

He is here, at the door of your heart, seeking a little of your time, grant Him this and be saved.

One thought on “HE NEEDS YOUR TIME

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  1. There is not much else we can really give to God, except our time – this is well-written and proposes co-operation with the Holy Spirit We can do nothing better.

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