Human life has a divine origin and deserves reverence because it’s never gift from man rather from the divine, that is why John Paul II tried to clarify this notion by saying: “life, especially human life, belongs to God; whoever attacks human life attacks God’s very self.” (Evangelium Vitae no.9).

Abortion as one of the means of destroying this precious gift from God should be considered as murder because, it focuses on the termination of human life; making a thing in existence to be out of existence.

No matter the name given to a baby in the womb, it does not deny the very fact that he or she exists. “Fetus” is just a name given to a baby in the womb because of his or her stage in life, and even at birth, the name changes and in every stage in life man has a name used to classify his stage be it the Fetus stage, Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence but it does not deny the very fact the the being at this stage lacks life, or is not existing.

Abortion is a devilish act that tampers with the sacredness of human life.

Committing abortion to save the mother’s life is an excuse in killing and is also a murder for he that is to be aborted is also a person, existing with a bright future. The end does not justify the means: we cannot do evil to achieve a favourable result.

“Live and let’s live” should be our watchword for a fetus deserves to live and has the right to live.

Abortion is murder !!!


The Holy Spirit was given since the day of Pentecost, not for a particular persons or group of people rather for the good of the Church and all that welcomes him whether Jews or gentiles. The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit is given that those around me may experience the presence of He that is in me. When I have him present in me, I affect others with joy, love, hope etc so that through my joys, others maybe joyful also through the love He gives, others may feel loved.

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