The light of hope always illumines the darkness of a troubled soul

This would be a clearer way of understanding what we seek to achieve on this Blog: to be a light which shines forth in wisdom, engraved in words with deep succor and hope for everyone whose soul is dehumanized, or who feels out of place, beaten down by the harsh weather of the realities of our world and, perhaps, drowning in the confusion induced by the struggle to find a sense of purpose.

The reality remains that many people have embarked on the journey of transcribing wisdom to words of hope for some of us who feel that the world is against u or find it difficult to overcome the obstacles thrown in our way. But these efforts sometimes do not do this job adequately because a large number of them do not have a real sense of having experienced the feeling they are trying to alleviate is like…

But I have a story, my story, the very one which has led me to offer knowledge, wisdom, and hope in one package –the words of this Blog. As a young man growing up in a country that was very close to lawless, with an economy devoid of structure and faced constantly with the threat of a bleak future, it was very difficult for me to weave my way through the rigors of surviving and making it in life.

The natural social structure and its effects could be very difficult to put into words, it was so bad that sometimes, the will to wake up and face the challenges of the day was nowhere to be found. (I am sure most can relate to this) yet through the dark fogs of those agonizing days, I have risen above the situation and can boldly say I am able to face whatever comes my way!!

This journey of mine through life’s difficult travails inspires a lot of hope in me and it is this hope that leads me to share with all who are willing to tap into it and find therein the power and the will to command great hope and obtain the Divinely given courage to overcome the often frightening realities and challenges of the contemporary world.

Whatever your story, whatever your challenge is, be sure that there is likely to be something here for you!!

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