Today, the existence of Corona Virus or COVID-19 has created a hullabaloo in our societies, and has left an indelible mark in the minds of all. Its stories are such that from generation to generation they will never cease to be told to the following generations..

Yes, there is phobia all through our societies due to the information transmitted by media, friends, and families which is often more dangerous than the Virus itself, because of their several and distinct ways of transmission.

But despite that, there is still hope and other positive things that can still be seized upon from the existence of this Virus in our environment, families, nation and the world at large. Because in every situation like this, we need to look for the positive things that come out of it, to enable us to be courageous and to stand firm before the problem itself, for a courageous man is a hero.

Come to think of it, in the countries today, most people have developed the sense of love for their fatherland, longing to return and die in their home countries. And there is now a collective effort in fighting this deadly virus through the construction of quarantine centres and hospitals, and the donation of items that can help to control the spread of the virus. There is unity in the societies; both the rich and the poor are now living together due to the closure of international airports and borders, therefore, making it the same fight for all.

Families today, have reunited again because of the decree of the government and the famous dictum “stay at home!” which in French is “restez chez vous!.” This has made children enjoy the good company of their parents, and vice visa, and on the part of couples, it has made much time for each other.

With the existence of COVID-19, many have developed a sense of personal hygiene and are now conscious of themselves, their families, relations, and those around them, thereby making them ready for the fight against this disease and making their environment a habitable one.

It is true that churches, schools, and places for social gatherings have been locked up. This is a tragedy particularly for Catholics who have the God-given privilege of assisting at Holy Mass, the re-presentation of the Sacrifice of Calvary, and of receiving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ as He intended – feeding us for the journey to our eternal Salvation. But we must find a way to get by spiritually in view of the drastic action taken by the Authorities in confronting the Virus.

On the part of spirituality, although churches are closed or locked up, let’s remember that God is not dead and we are the members of His Body the Church. For our bodies are the temple of the Most High. So we ought to be already in communion with God personally in prayer and meditation and see it as a means of defending the walls of our faith and making it stand firm by coming back to God in sincerity and in truth for He is also ready to hear us.

Also, it should be a time to listen to the good counsels and ordinances of the Government, praying for the medical practitioners and nurses struggling day and night for the solution of this problem and for the betterment of humanity and for the glory of God.

Finally, let the existence of this Virus help increase our faith in God and trust in ourselves instead of panicking and developing hysteria.

We can control our phobia by adhering to the measures outlined by WHO. “we are in a battle” so let’s come together in solving the problem of Corona Virus, for the solution for COVID-19 lies in our hands.

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