At times, our minds and our thoughts are preoccupied with different matters that lead us to worry and disturbances of different kinds. It can become a time when we think about our problems, plan things,

imagine how to solve some difficulty in our life. We seek our own interests. But in this activity, we do not meet the Lord. Invoking the Holy Spirit before looking for the solution to our problems is a way of making Him an important and integral part of the process of solving our problems.

Looking for the solution to our problems in the absence of the Holy Spirit is like building a great mansion on the surface of the earth without foundation, paving the way or collapse. He is the solution finder and the director of our thoughts. Inviting him to participate in finding the solution to your problem means that you are acknowledging the real order of things: our dependence on God… In meditative silent moments visits. Therefore for you to invite him, you must be like a person awaiting an important person to his home. You must receive him respectfully. The Spirit is the one who moves you to the true solution to your problems. Therefore, do not start any prayer without invoking Him.

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