If the Spiritual Director did not direct and move you to pray, your daily devotions are in vain. Prayer is a dialogue between man and God where we direct certain things to Him and listen attentively to His response. He is the Spirit that teaches us how to plead with God the Father through Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the Spirit is the great Teacher. According to St Paul, “the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought…”(Rom. 8:26).

Though Jesus gave us the format on how to pray and knowing fully well that we need the courage to teach others and to also stand in the midst of others to pray it most properly, He promised us the Spirit of courage Who will be with us till the end of time to guide and to direct us on how to say the prayer so that it can be effective.

When the disciples were trying to cast out a demon but were not able to do so, it was not because they were not praying to the Father or that they were not commanding the evil spirit to leave the victim, rather they were not going about it properly. Jesus, of course, did so and was inevitably successful.

He who is with the Holy Spirit is with an authority and can never be shaken for He guides, directs, empowers, and advocates for us in trying times.

But to be able to pray, it is indispensable that we discover that we are with Someone who knows us, who listens to us, who understands perfectly how we feel and everything we say. So when we are going to tell Him something, He knows perfectly what we are talking about, we need not be afraid or start selecting the words to use during prayers, for He is with us and will surely put the right words in our mouths during prayers because He understands the Father perfectly which we do not at all. Just say what we mean, because He knows it better than we do.

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