What does it really mean to be converted?

Holy Spirit invites us permanently to conversion. Conversion is not just a big change that happened sometime in the past when we decided to follow Jesus Christ. Conversion is a daily process. Our mentality and o

ur heart must be changed permanently.

When we are neglected, some wrong criterion is put inside us, or we return to selfishness, or we lose some of the joy or the generosity that we had, then, it is necessary to return to be converted, it is necessary to return to listen to the Gospel and to be once again infused with the Holy Spirit.

Conversion is also a kind of softening or defrosting. Because when we neglect, the heart becomes hard and cold – the Biblical “ heart of stone”.. When we do not heal the bad experiences we have every day, our grudges, sorrows, feelings of guilt and disappointment, harden the heart like a stone, or cool it and make it a piece of ice, hard and cold through pain or fear. We opted once again for comfort and for isolation; The others stop being our brothers and they become enemies or competitors.

Then we have to beg the Holy Spirit to come as a burning fire to soften the hardened heart again, to melt that ice and turn it into a happy, and compassionate stream. Perhaps at this very moment, you have to convert, give up a bad feeling that is cooling you, and beg the Holy Spirit to soften your heart again.

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