Alleluia He is risen!!!

The sting of death couldn’t hold him. He brought light to the nations when the whole world was in total darkness. Giving us His body to eat and His blood to drink, He made us to share in his very nature as the illuminating light, which is Himself when He said: “you are the light of the world” and restoring back the dignity of mankind he said, “you are the salt of the world” for through His resurrection, we regained the taste of humanness in us.

The resurrection of Jesus is an affirmation of his word on the cross “it is finished,” a hope to humanity, a liberating word to the captives, a word of hope to the hopeless, a healing word to the sick, and a word of encouragement for a whole world in a phobia of this coronavirus pandemic. It is a reality that has added meaning to our faith. Imagine without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, what would have been the fate of humanity in this world?

Why then are you still crying, why are you still mourning over nothing for He that you are searching for among the dead is risen, giving life to all the things lifeless in you, in your family, in your vocation, and in your business.

Rejoice for your redeemer liveth. He is the Lord of lords, greater than all created things both on earth and in heaven.

Come out from the dark and quiet aspect of your life that has kept you in sorrow, in fear and in silence, to experience the light of resurrection . Be not like someone without hope for our Redeemer liveth. He has gone ahead of us to Galilee waiting for us there.

Let us forget all the situations we are seeing ourselves into presently and in this trying times, for God is with us (Emmanuel).

Alleluia !! He’s truly risen.

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